How It Works In A Snapshot

Step 1
Our products are grown/raised and prepared at local farms

Step 2
Customers place an order online and select the delivery location, closest to them

Step 3
On delivery day, customers meet the truck at the selected delivery location during the designated time frame for pick up of online orders

Step 4
Customer brings their purchased products home to enjoy with family and friends


Our Story

Our Passion, Our Mission

Simply put, we’re changing the food world.

When thousands of people join forces to buy good food together and get it straight from the best source, amazing things happen.

Fresh Farms helps you buy in bulk at co-op style prices, and gets it to you fast from the folks that produce the best food.

It’s our passion. It’s our mission

Farm to Table

Our story all starts with Irina.

A mother of four and an expert in logistics and transportation.
A busy mom who dared question how better, fresher food could be brought to your table.

Fresh Farms is the new standard for the Farm-to-Family way of buying good food.
You get fresh, farm-direct quality along with the price that offers real peace of mind.
Irina has over 20 years of experience in efficient trucking and logistics and over 7 years of proving that food buyers want a better direct-from-the-farm quality.

With her expertise in efficient transportation along with her uncompromising demand for quality, Fresh Farms is here to give you a better choice in meat, produce and seafood.

In her own words

Growing up, my father was a truck driver. After being on the road for days, my fond memories are of him arriving home and always having special treats in hand. He loved seeing the excitement and anticipation on our faces and without exception, his favorite and our favorite treat was the farm fresh produce he would purchase from all over the US. Imagine Fresh Georgia Peaches, Washington Apples and Sweet Cherries, citrus fruits from Florida and California just to name a few. The difference in taste and quality was profound compared to what we occasionally purchased from the grocery stores. Not realizing just how spoiled we had become, it wasn’t until I grew up, got married and had children of my own, I realized that having access to truly farm-fresh food is a rare thing.
Being a mom to four children, gave me the nurturing desire to provide only the best for my family and I’ve always wanted my children to experience those same treats my father gave me. Carrying on in my father’s footsteps now going on 20 years in the trucking business, I realized that same farm-fresh food experience is more possible now than ever and can be enjoyed by thousands of other families just like mine. With that, a new business was born based on this one idea.

When thousands of families buy good food together, straight from the source, amazing things happen.

With our simple Farm to Family business model, we source the best fruit directly from the growers, the best poultry, beef, pork directly from farmers and ranchers, and only the best wild-caught seafood. Then it is all loaded up and brought straight to your town.

By eliminating extensive warehousing and using fast and efficient transportation, you have access to the best and freshest meat, seafood and fruit without the built-in costs you find normal food outlets and grocery stores.
You’ll express that same excited anticipation I had as a child knowing a real treat is on its way.

I know you’ll fall in love with the quality difference of each product you purchase from our truck. That’s my promise!


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