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Fresh Fruit Truck Pick Up

Fresh Fruit Truck Pick Up

We may just be a little bit picky & old-fashioned around here!

We love to partner with small, family-run growers and orchards who carefully plant, raise, and harvest their high quality, delectable fruits. We are proud to carry Non-GMO and chemical free fruit and are often referred to as, our nickname, The Fruit Truck!

Once our fruit is picked up at the farm,  there’s no warehouse time because our trucks go straight from the orchard to our customers at pick up events throughout the country. Customers can pre-order or purchase right at the truck.  Deliveries are typically monthly, year-round with pick-up events last from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the fruit and popularity.

We deliver some of the country’s best fruits all year! From Sweet Georgia Peaches to Washington Dark Cherries. From Florida Strawberries to California Grapes and more! Check the Delivery Schedule to see when we’re coming to your city and then pre-order your fresh fruits from Fresh Farms! Warning: After our “Fresh Farms Fruit” experience, You may never want to eat store bought fruit again! 

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