The Chicken Drums – Chicken Drumsticks – Frozen

$1.35/lb - 40# Case

Who doesn’t love a chicken drumstick on the grill in the summertime
(or anytime!?) Or a big pan of grandma’s fried chicken recipe? It’s the
perfect finger food for family dinners to family reunions and you can
now order yours from Fresh Farms! This is a special treat that is only
offered a few times a year.
Raising healthy and happy chickens in a small farm way. Wayne Farms
in North Carolina raises the birds ethically, in a cage-free, controlled
environment, always free of hormones and steroids, and fed natural,
high-quality, grain-based feed and a well-balanced diet.
Your jumbo drumsticks will come in a 40-pound case and can be
thawed easily for any occasion! Stock up and take advantage of this
special treat!


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