Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast

$1.99/lb delivered in a 40lb Case

If you are interested in purchasing our boneless, skinless chicken breast but want an opportunity to save a little money and you have some extra time on your hands then you should consider the untrimmed chicken breast option. This product requires a bit of sweat equity but provides some extra savings for trimming it yourself.

This chicken product comes similar to our fully trimmed chicken, except that it is butterflied and still has some fat and trimmings that will need to be trimmed off by hand. So if you don’t mind spending some extra time to trim your chicken then this could be a valued product choice for you.

All natural: All fresh poultry is minimally processed with no added artificial ingredients or added preservatives

  • Completely fresh from farm, never frozen
  • 40 lb. box, divided in 10 lb. bags
  • No Antibiotics Ever: Our chicken is raised with No Antibiotics, Ever.
  • Hand Deboned- Fresh Farm’s boneless chicken items are all deboned by hand, the old fashioned way!


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