Sweet Georgia Peaches

Our Best Seller!

Our #1 Seller, year after year, Y’ALL! It’s only fitting that our first peaches of the season come from “The Peach State”, Georgia! You may have tried other peaches however – trust us- when we say that the Georgia peach is an experience unlike any other peach and only comes around once a year. Everyone loves Georgia peaches! They are amazing to eat fresh, for canning, baking or freezing. After you experience our peaches you will never be able to eat a store-bought peach again, we promise! 

Known for their legendary flavor due to searing hot & humid days, and sultry nights, the weather helps the peaches produce sweet Georgia sugar all day AND night while other regions cool at night and thus don’t produce as much sugar. The fulfilling texture and flavor in each bite will have the perfect sweet sugar balance that will satisfy your taste buds. Give your recipe creations that extra “OOMPH” by adding our fresh peaches!

Georgia Peaches are hand-picked, hand-packed (the old-fashioned way) thoroughly washed & brushed and shipped the same day in an effort to leave them on the tree as long as possible while getting them to you as quickly as possible.

Our farmers work tirelessly to bring you the safest peaches available. They meet and exceed all food safety regulations. After all, they live on their farms and feed their children fruit from the orchard too. Did we mention our passionate southern peach farmer is third-generation? 

Great for eating, baking, canning, cooking, and freezing! Everyone will love the taste, but Georgia Peaches are also GOOD for you! High in Vitamin C & dietary fiber while being low in calories.

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