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Tea and Honey Package



This Tea & Honey package is a great gift for the holidays and one that you’ll want too! Package includes our smooth, minty, calming, caffeine-free tea that is perfect to warm you up without keeping you up.

Also includes a one pound tub of Creamed Honey. Creamed honey is natural honey straight from our apiary that has been allowed to crystalize and then it is whipped into a spread consistency. Great on bread, bagels and toast, or in coffee and tea.

And every home we’ve ever lived in has included the signature Honey Bear! 12 ounces of pure South Dakota clover honey in a bear-shaped plastic bottle. Perfect for squeezing out just the right amount!

Fresh Farms Honey comes from a 3rd generation beekeeping operation focused on approximately 2000 hive natural honey production and pollination.

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Weight 4 lbs
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